wolf pack

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This three pack is best for those who have strategies and systems for everything, or for families with small humans.

If you like easy living, you will love having a gunkii in your shower, vanity, and one in your travel bag. 

If you are a family of 3+ more you will want a gunkii for every love bug in your home. This trio is perfect for your whole fam-jam-ily. 

Gunkii is crafted and assembled with strict attention to detail to last a very long time. Gunkii is made from surgical grade aluminum. It is dramatically more effective than rubbing your gunk around your tongue with your toothbrush. 

Here is what gunkii can do for you:

  • Scrapes toxins, bacteria & dead cells off your tongue for fresh living
  • Prevents and eliminates bad breath for a fresher smelling life
  • Enhances the taste of everything indulgence never tasted so good
  • Promotes oral and digestive health to keep you healthier longer
  • Increases awareness of your oral health, because you deserve it 

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed