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Gunkii is ideal for dental giveaways.

Alternative to generic toothbrush/floss or other disposable giveaways. Gift your patients a gunkii, a luxury reusable tongue scraper individually CNC milled made from surgical aluminum.

Gifting a gunkii goes far beyond the exam room. Gunkii giveaways enhance loyalty to healthcare providers leading to better patient reviews and ultimately more patients.

  • 50 solo gunkii's per pack sent quarterly
  • Free shipping
  • Gunkii solo retails for $29 MSRP
  • Not intended for resale

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Dental Professional Reviews




    Fyfe Barraclough

    "Tongue scraper in infinity! It’s become a key part of the AM routine. My fiancée loves hers as well. Highly recommend."

    Dr. Sam Daher

    "I have been using Gunkii and absolutely love it. It is wide enough that just one scrape does the trick, and for a notorious gagger like me, this is perfect."

    Paul Davidescu

    "My first scrape was scarring…it was gross but satisfying. How have I lived without one!"

    Nicholas Ning

    "THEY BLOODY WORK! Your boy's got a very happy tongue!"

    Terri Anne Welyki

    "Incredibly sleek by design and honestly the best tongue scraper I’ve ever purchased."

    Anastasia Hambali

    "It’s super simple and easy to use. Good quality material that doesn’t feel weird on your tongue. Highly recommend!"

    Dan Mangan

    "Couldn't really believe how much gunk was on my tongue first scrape."

    Jade Boyenko

    "It’s a product that I never knew I needed and now that I have it, I don’t know how I’ve lived without! Highly recommend it!"

    Jason Boudreau

    "I LOVE my Gunkii!! I use it twice a day on average and now, brushing my teeth feels incomplete without it! It’s unbelievable…like a massage for your tongue!"

    Ally Olsen

    "My tongue always had gross white plaque on it even after brushing... Once I started using Gunkii my mouth is clean and my tongue is pinker than ever!"

    Kristy Ehman

    "So slick!! Love this thing"

    Ryan Bamford

    "I use my Gunki everyday. What an amazing product!"

    Meghan Watchorn

    "Gunkii is the most thrilling, satisfying tool in my bathroom. I am stoked every time I use it to see what I refer to as 'the megnasty'."

    Ainsley Robertson

    "This tongue scraper is beautiful, lightweight and so easy to use!"

    David Scharf

    "Luvii my Gunkii! It's like a backscratcher for my tongue."