Gunkii is the world’s sexiest tongue scraper.
Gunkii tongue scraper

why tongue scrape

So you can have fresh breath and a healthier, cleaner mouth.

Every night when you go to bed a layer of whitish yellowish gunk builds up on your tongue. It’s disgusting! It is the combination of fungi, dead skin cells, bacteria, toxins and remnants of last night's dinner.

Gently scrape your tongue to get rid of that gunkii layer that most people don’t even know exists.

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Boosts Confidence
Hello sexy breath

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Enhances The Sense of Taste
Your 10,000 tastebuds deserve it

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Advance Your Mouth Game
Kiss plus more like never before

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Stimulates Organs
Who doesn’t love to be stimulated

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Saves Relationships
One breath at a time

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Cleans You Up
Stink be gone

how to use

insert deep
insert deep
long strokes
long strokes
rinse the rim

“I love tongue scraping.”

“A lifesaver, thank you!”

“My tongue is pinker and I can taste much better.”

“You never knew you needed this until you get it.”

“Love tongue scraping and highly recommend it.”

Gunkii tongue scraper

QuoteTo save the world's relationships one breath at a time

Nicole Parmar

How Often Can I Use It?

At least once a day

How Do I Clean It?

Rinse with water

How Long Does It Last?

A lifetime, we're not turtle killers

What is it made of?

Surgical stainless steel

Where Do I Store It?

Shower, vanity or travel bag

What Does It Feel Like?

A breath of fresh air