Your Guide To Using A Tongue Cleaner

Are you interested in tongue scraping but are you maybe a little apprehensive to start?

What if I told you that you could remove bad breath (halitosis), increase your sense of taste, plus remove harmful bacteria that cause damage to your teeth and gums? Feeling better about your choice to start tongue scraping? You should be. 

It's also worth mentioning that Gunkii is great at removing bad breath - which increases confidence, makes that mouth more kissable and that tongue much more desirable. 

We have a helpful guide to get you going! Once you start, you won't want to stop!

1. Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue. You don't need to be uncomfortable, so only open your mouth as far as you feel comfortable and only protrude your tongue as far as you like. It helps to stand in front of a mirror when cleaning your tongue because you can see the inside of your mouth better. You can also see all that gunk that is sitting on top of your tongue better.

2. Put your Gunkii tongue cleaner in your mouth as far back as you feel comfortable. Do this carefully. It is very rare, but sometimes, some people gag when using a tongue cleaner. If you are one of these people no worries. There is nothing wrong and you will find your perfect angle. Adjust the pressure and position the tongue cleaner accordingly. Once everything feels good... continue.

3. Gently scrape your tongue starting from the back to the front to eliminate white coat formation and debris. Start slowly. This is not a race. The slower you go, the more junk you will collect. Repeat this step multiple times until you no longer see the white, yellow, or any other color of gunk on your tongue.

4. Spit out any saliva and rinse your mouth with a mouth wash and gargle in order to remove the remaining white coating and food particles.

5. This part is satisfying. Rinse your tongue scraper with warm water or wipe it off with a clean cloth to remove the debris. And voila, it is ready for its next use.

6. Store your Gunkii tongue cleaner in a clean and dry place. You should aim to keep it away from the toilet, just in case ;)