Yellow & Green Tongue Build Up On Tongue

Many of us take our tongues for granted, but they're actually extremely important. Tasting and smelling food is how you know it's been cooked properly and it's also how we can detect danger, such as spoiled food and medical problems. It is common to have a yellow or green tongue after you eat or drink something that leaves colour on your tongue. Seeing that your mouth is yellow or green may set off alarms that something is not quite right. In most instances, a yellow or green tongue is fairly harmless, but there are times when it could mean you have an infection. A green tongue may be caused by an infection or overgrowth of certain germs. A yellow tongue may be caused by a buildup of bacteria on the tongue's papillary projections, which cause them to turn yellow.

How Can I Treat Green and Yellow Tongue?

You can get rid of this problem by brushing and cleaning your mouth regularly. It’s also recommended to clean between your teeth with an interdental brush or water flosser. Furthermore, tongue scraping is a great way to remove harmful bacteria that can inflame your gums and potentially cause mouth decolouration and cavities. Additionally, some other steps you can take to prevent yellow and green tongue is eating a nutritious diet, keeping your tongue moist by drinking water, quitting smoking if you are a smoker, and chewing sugar-free gum after meals to help maintain the pH balance in your mouth, which is crucial to preventing plaque buildup.




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