Effects Of Ama + Removing Ama With Tonge Scraping

In Ayurveda, there is a concept known as "ama"."Ama" is a metaphor for toxins.

Think of it like a sludge that accumulates in your body when foods are not completely digested. This build up also gathers when we fail to cleanse routinely. 

When your digestion is weak or defective (usually due to improper diet choices over an extended period of time), food sits on your tongue and in your stomach. As the food has nowhere to go, it starts to rot due to fermentation by bacteria. This might might seem normal but in reality this rotten food is a poison to your whole system. What we don't see is this rotten food contains endotoxins produced by the bacteria. Ayurveda calls this poison “ama”.

How Do I Identify the Effects of Ama?

Catching the signs of this and knowing how to remove it properly are often the very first steps. As always, and like all other health conditions, early detection is key. 

You can begin by identifying the forms of ama you are experiencing and modify your diet according to dosha.

The common early signs of ama in your body include:

1) A thick coating or a build up on the tongue. This can range from pure white to yellow to green. 
2) Feeling sluggish, bloated and sleepy. This is especially true after a meal, even though you may have slept well.
3) Strong cravings for fried food or junk foods.
4) Skin breakouts and/or foul breath, sweat, gas and stools.
5) Greyish skin, with the whites of the eyes turning yellow as well as the teeth. 
6) Clouded thoughts with an inability to focus and generally feeling unmotivated.

How To Remove Ama:

You guessed it - start with tongue scraping. Tongue scraping does so much more for the body than just remove that layer of ama or gunk that sits on your tongue. 

The relationship between a healthy body and an active mind has always been emphasized in Ayurveda. Therefore, the foods you eat have a significant impact on your life.

What Should I Eat?

It's important to eat for digestion. When eat foods that are full of nutrition,  yourself processing emotions more efficiently, feeling lighter, brighter and more enthusiastic about life. 

One particular group of vegetables known as cruciferous contains a potent phytochemical called sulforaphane. This has shown it to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

These superfoods include:
Brussels sprouts

It's important to know that a healthy digestive system is not going to magically solve all your life problems. 

But let us be clear - removing ama, eating healthier, exercising and having a strong oral health care regime will boost your physical and emotional strength and put you in a better position to cope with tough times.