Tooth pathogens or dental plaque + biofilm

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens in your mouth? It is important to think about your mouth as your mouth literally is the gateway to your body. Everything you put in your body starts with the oral cavity.

Let's talk about the mouth and what can live inside the bacteria thriving location.

Dental Plaque

Dental plaque is a biofilm that attaches to tooth surfaces, restorations and prosthetic appliances (prosthetic appliance include dentures and bridges) if left undisturbed.

Biofilm (another word for plaque) 

Scientists call plaque a “biofilm” because plaque is actually a community of living microbes surrounded by a gluey polymer layer.

The sticky coating helps the microbes attach to surfaces in your mouth so they can grow into thriving microcolonies. (Just one more reason to scrape that gluey, gunkii layer away)!

Understanding the formation, composition and characteristics of plaque helps in its control.

Put simply, a biofilm is microscopic organisms growing together within a substance that they produce. There are several different kinds of bacteria living inside your mouth. Some of these bacteria are very common and very harmful to your teeth and gums.

Fight The Hidden Enemy!

When these bacteria are not removed regularly - they cause problems such as periodontal disease, gingivitis, and cavities.

These bacteria keep themselves safe to carry on their dirty work by living in this protected matrix of what is essentially a slime of layers upon layers of bacteria. As found in the mouth, such a biofilm is called “dental plaque.”

How do you remove them?

- brush 2X's a day

- floss 2X's a day

- gunkii tongue scrape 2X's a day

- gargle with salt water at least once a day

Fight the good fight now to protect your teeth. No one wants to have smelly breath, missing teeth or periodontal disease later in life. Take care of what you have no so that you can enjoy your teeth and gums into old age.