Tongue Scrape To Treat Halitosis

Your mouth is a breeding ground for nasty bacteria. That's why it's important to remove that dumpster juice that is sitting on top of your tongue giving you dragon breath. 

Technically, it's actually volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) in your mouth giving off that less than desired aroma. Scientifically, it is known as halitosis (chronic bad breath). 

The fix for the sitch. is this: Stick a Gunkii tongue scraper in there!

Tongue scrapers are effective in minimizing the odor because they gently scrape the VSC away.

How Can Tongue Scrapers Help Eliminate Bad Breath?

As mentioned above, a tongue scraper removes the sulfur that rises to the surface of the tongue and sits on it. When you open your mouth, that smell comes out. If your breath is particularly noticeable at any given time, you might notice that it’s got a small coating of the stuff, which can be gently scraped away.

Another Reason to Eliminate Volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) in your Mouth

High oral sulfur levels can cause an increased level of gum disease. Removing bacteria and sulfur reduces the chance of gum decay. Sulfur compounds sitting in your mouth for prolonged periods of time make the gums spongier. If your gums are spongier, they are more exposed. 

How do you know if you have spongier gums or if you have gum decay? Bleeding is an early sign of gingivitis and gum decay.