Tonge Scraping And Acne: Is There A Correlation

The tongue is an essential organ and everything in our body is connected. But, when you think of the tongue, this one little part of the body works over time, all the time.

The tongue enables the daily processes of eating. It allows us to taste our food. It allows us to talk and articulate ourselves. However, this important body part is also a site of toxin buildup.

It is the place where most things enter and exit your body. Without proper oral care, these toxins lead to problems throughout the body such as acne, digestive issues, halitosis, and other imbalances.

In this blog, we are specifically covering acne and tongue scraping as we've covered halitosis extensively in our past blogs. 


You are most likely aware that our skin is a reflex organ. Our skin reflects what’s going on inside our bodies and largely related to digestion. We don't want to point out the obvious, but the tongue and digestion go hand in hand. 

This is why traditional treatment of skin conditions (antibiotics) can make skin conditions worse! This is also why when you treat acne topically, it can come back. It's not solving the problem, it's a temporary fix to a bigger problem. 

Rather than seeing your skin as just a dermatological problem (exterior) look at it as the skin of a person with an intestinal problem or condition (internal).

** dermatologists are super important at helping skin too. Combining the knowledge of a dermatologist plus introducing a great oral care regime (that includes tongue scraping) will have your skin in tip top shape!


Bacteria in the body plays a big role with everything that is going on inside.

You're probably thinking, “I brush my teeth and I mouth wash I am good, thanks!” That’s awesome, but there is so much more that goes into oral care. Brushing your teeth and gargling are one step, but there’s so much more. 

There are many places bacteria live in our mouth – our teeth, our tongue, and our tonsils. When bacteria get stuck in any one of these places too long it can cause our immune system to over-react.

And an over-reaction of the immune system can cause itchy dry skin and inflammation in our joints. On top of: halitosis, oral problems and skin conditions. 

That’s why you need to alleviate bacterial build up in the mouth!

And the best way to remove a build up of bacteria in your mouth is to tongue scrape.


In Ayurvedic traditions, tongue scraping is a simple practice that greatly impacts our overall health. 

Tongue scraping removes the impurities on the tongue that might otherwise compound into more serious health problems.

While we sleep, a combination of food, bacteria, fungi, and other toxins accumulate on our tongues. Without removing these impurities they can be reabsorbed into the body, leading to problems as varying as digestive issues, acne, or bad breath.

Through tongue scraping, the negative effects of accumulation can be countered and prevented.

 Tips for glowing healthy skin:

- introduce a 2 time a day oral health care

- drink at least 3 litres of water a day

- reduce as much sugar from your diet as you can

- eat your fruits and veggies

- limit your alcohol intake

- talk to a dermatologist to find the best skin regime for you