The Gag Reflex

What is up with the gag reflex?

Some people have a sensitive reflex while others appear not to have a gag reflex at all. 

So what is the deal with them? Why do we need them? What do they do for us? And is there any way we can desensitize ourself to them?

The Gag Reflex:

The gag reflex is a natural somatic response in which the body attempts to eliminate unwanted agents or foreign objects from the oral cavity through muscle contraction at the base of the tongue and the pharyngeal wall. This reaction is to keep us from chocking. 

Your personal gag reflex (no matter what it looks like) is probably normal. It is also a healthy response to keep you safe. However, some people, have a gag reflex that may be oversensitive. When this happens, it may cause problems when you brush your teeth. When you tongue scrape. Or even when you floss. 

How Do I Desensitize Mine?

If you are one of those people with a sensitive gag reflex you may want to consider using techniques to desensitize it. 

Here is one method that may work for you.

Toothbrush Or Tongue Scraper
A person can desensitize their gag reflex by accustoming the trigger point in their mouth to touch. 

One technique you can try is taking your toothbrush or gunkii luxury tongue scraper and slowly move it toward the back of your tongue until you feel close to gagging. Then brush that area or scrape it for 10–20 seconds.

Attempt to do this process twice a day until you no longer feel the urge to gag from brushing or scraping in that area.

Once you feel comfortable with this position, try moving further back in your throat (if you need to).