Oral Hygiene - The Top 3 Functions Of Tongue Scraping

What benefits does it have for your oral hygiene?

Some people think oral hygiene is as simple as brushing and flossing. Those are great! And those are 100% necessary for a clean mouth BUT... the mouth is the gateway to your ENTIRE BODY. Your mouth is entry point for almost everything you are:

- food

- water

- breath

- germs

- toxins

When you think of your mouth you should think about it as one of the most important parts of the body to think about. 

When you think of tongue scraping - you should think of it as removing everything you do not want in your body, or sitting on your tongue and here is why tongue scraping is so important. 

Decreases chances of bad breath

Using your gunkii tongue scraper removes bacteria sitting on top of your tongue.  Scraping that bacteria off your tongue helps to keep your mouth clean which should prevent bad breath from occurring.

Bad breath usually occurs due to food particles or bacteria sitting on top of your tongue. Removing the gunk or debris keeps the tongue clean and odour free. 

Help prevent gum disease

Not a lot of people know this, but tongue scraping can also help prevent gum disease. Gum disease leads to a lot of other complications. 

How does tongue scraping precent gum disease? Bacteria on the tongue can actually aggravate the gums and could lead to inflammation, this could then lead to gum disease. Removing this bacteria helps keep your mouth healthy and gum disease free.

Prevents cavities

If the above was not enough to convince you to start scraping that tongue here is our 3rd and final reason tongue scraping is so important ... Removing bacteria from the tongue using a scraper can keep the mouth clean which prevents tooth issues down the line such as cavities.

The more you help to keep your mouth clean the less likely it is that we will suffer with tooth decay or other dental complications.

Now - they say when you know better, you do better! Tonge scraping is crucial to keep your mouth and body in tip top shape.