Milking The Tongue

The tongue. A muscle. An organ. A very important and overlooked body part. When we actively work on keeping a clean mouth and tongue, the physical action can translate into speaking and living in our deepest truth.

Muscles of the neck, throat and tongue hold onto our unspoken communications; things we wish we had said but didn’t. Things we said and wish we could take back instantly. It happens - we are human!

It is critical to release those energies. In releasing the past energy you pave way to speak new truths, your truths.  It has also been stated that these muscles, and the tongue itself, hold the vibrations of any lies we have told.

We want to get rid of those vibrations and move on to speaking our truth honestly and respectfully. 

Tongue Scraping + Tongue Milking = Healthy Bodies

What if we told you that spending a minute or two everyday on your tongue could improve a lot of things in your life. Some of those things include (all of the above) plus:

- bad breath

- adult acne

- boosting you immune system

- better tasting food

- less cavities and less plaque on your teeth

Tongue scraping is one way to drastically improve your life but there is another technique that can be introduce in your life (once a month) that will also remove a lot of gunk that you probably did't know was hiding in your body!

This is a game changer! Place tongue right behind teeth without touching the teeth. Let's milk that tongue!

You will need:

1) A tongue scraper 

2) Thin cotton material (no synthetical materials) some will use a towel, cheese cloth, etc. For ease of communication we will call this "material" 

3) A bowl to rinse your material

4) A mirror to watch yourself and look into 

Step One:

The first step of milking one's tongue is tongue scraping! So, grab your gunkii, scrape your tongue from the back of your tongue to the tip of your tongue. Repeat the process until no more gunk is being collected. Rinse your gunkii when you are done. 

Step Two:

Grab your cotton material. You are about to clean your oral cavity with this thin cotton material. Get the towel wet and clean your cheeks. Take your material and scrub your cheeks in a circular motion like you are cleaning dishes. Rinse the cotton material. I looked at what came off my cheeks and was disgustingly satisfied! It was ... well... full of gunk!

Move onto cleaning your gums beside the teeth. Take your material rub the gums all over your mouth until they feel clean. Once done, rinse. 

Step Three:

Take your material and massage the base of tongue towards the back of throat with your index, middle, ring finger and thumb held together. Massage your tongue from the back to the front. Once completed rinse your material.

Step Four:

After massaging the tongue, clean the roof of your mouth with your thumb. You might gag yourself a little bit like you are about to puke. That's ok if it happens. It is 100% normal.

This clears the kapa in the stomach and this prepares you for bringing up a digestive fire. You might cough up some grossness (like clearing your throat or similar to hock a loogie). All of this is 100% totally normal. Whatever happens to your body while you are clearing it of gunk, debris and phlegm is all normal. Once you are done the massage, rinse your material. 

Step Five:

Now for the milking of the tongue. Get your material in your hand. Use two fingers and use your thumb to massage bottom of your tongue. This sensation is probably going to be weird at first but the sensation becomes normal once you do it enough times. Massage the tongue all over the surface. Top, bottom and sides. Once done, rinse your material. 

Step Six:

Pull your tongue out of your mouth move it up and down and side to side. Do this 40 times each. 

Put your tongue back to resting position in the mouth. You are done with the tongue massage and milking the tongue. You can also put your material in the bowl and rinse it really well as you are done cleaning your oral cavity. 

Step Seven:

We like to end with humming for 30 seconds. We hum for 30 seconds to remove anything else stuck in your body!

And there you have it.

You have milked your tongue. Cleared your throat and neck muscle and made way for new positive vibrations in your life. 

How do you feel?