Is Tongue Scraping Safe

Scraping your tongue can remove harmful bacteria that inflames your gums as well as prevent cavities.

When these best practices for proper oral hygiene are ignored, they can lead to other issues like heart disease, cancer and more.

Tongue Scraping Is Very Safe:

Everything in life has risk - you could chock while eating, but you still need to eat. Putting hot food in your mouth might burn it, but then you learn and you usually don't put hot food in your mouth again. 

Tongue scraping, when done properly has minimal risk of harm. You might push too hard on your tongue but then you would stop that sensation and would not push that hard again. 

You might tongue scrape too frequently. I was doing it three times a day and had to scale back to two times a day as my tongue was feeling a little raw. However, after scaling back my tongue feels great and I now scrape twice a day with no complications.

What Are Potential Side Effects:

We asked dentists and we researched online about potential side effects for tongue scraping and the only potential problem we see is that you scrape your tongue too hard and it might feel a little sore. 

If that happens, be more gentle next time and start slowly when you are tongue scraping.


If you are on the fence about tongue scraping - this is your sign to get a gunkii and get scraping.