How Long Does It Take Tongue Scraping To Work

Many people like fast instantaneous results. We are a culture accustomed to fast information, fast food and fast changing technology. None of us like to wait for anything really.

We are happy to inform you that tongue scraping is no different. The results and the effects can be seen, felt and noticed instantly. What's even better to know is that tongue scraping takes less than 30 seconds everyday to complete.

While the long term effects are not instantaneous the removal of the plaque, debris and gunk on your tongue is instant and so is the removal of bad breath. The sulfurs that sit on top of your tongue and emit odours that wreak havoc on your breath are immediately removed. 

Once the initial layer of gunk is removed from your tongue you can start scraping on a regular basis as you would tooth brushing or flossing. Once you have a great habit down set and pat you will start to notice your overall oral cavity start to change. 

Some changes you might notice include better tasting food, people are offering you gum or tics tacs less often, a cleaner mouth. 

Tongue scraping removes the extra gunk in your mouth and therefore helps in the fight against tartar build up on your teeth. Once you stop tongue scraping you might notice some occurrences happen. You may notice your teeth feel as though you have not brushed them in a while. 

Tongue scraping habits are a great way to add that extra layer of clean to your mouth. Even if your oral hygiene game is on point, adding tongue scraping dramatically reduces the amount of bacteria, tartar and debris in your mouth.