How Does Tongue Scraping Work

Tongue scraping is not new. It's not something to do as a trend. It needs to be added to your daily oral hygiene. It Doesn’t Replace Good Dental Hygiene!!

How tongue scraping (and why) tongue scraping works is by removing the top layer of biome (gunk) from the top of your tongue. This leads to:

- Fresh breath

- A cleaner mouth

- Less tartar build up

How to Scrape (Clean) Your Tongue:

It’s easy to add tongue scraping to your oral hygiene routine. First, floss your teeth as usual. Then brush them with a fluoride toothpaste. Once those two steps are done:

1) Stick your tongue out! Look at it! Take notice of how your tongue looks and how it changes. 
2) Start by placing the gunkii tongue scraper at the very back of your tongue. Or as far back as you can tolerate. 
3) Run the scraper all the way to the front of your tongue 2 or 3 times. Or again, however you need to feel clean.
4) Start by using a light pressure (If it hurts or cuts your tongue, it’s too much.)
5) Rinse the gunkii tongue scraper under warm water between scrapes.
6) Once you are done tongue scraping gargle.

Rinse the scraper off once you’re done. Nice and easy does it. Do not put your tongue scraper in the dishwasher. Use mild soap or toothpaste if you feel it needs an extra rinse. 

How Will I Feel?

Tongeu scraping is like brushing your teeth. Once you stop scraping your mouth will feel it. Similar to if you don't have time to brush your teeth. If you feel an extra layer of gunk, grab your gunkii. 

Happy tongue scraping. We hope you find it disgustingly satisfying.