Are You Ready to Tongue Scrape?

Are you ready? Here we go!

Stand in front of a mirror, it's best to be over a sink in the bathroom. Then, open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Stick your tongue out as far as you feel comfortable. 

Gently set the rounded end of Gunkii at the back of your tongue.

If you’re worried about gagging, start at the middle of your tongue rather than the back. You can gradually start farther back as you get used to scraping. Or, if you never get used to the feeling, always start in the middle

Press Gunkii on your tongue. Apply as much pressure as you feel comfortable. Slowly pull Gunkii forward, toward the tip of your tongue. Always go from the back of the tongue to the tip. Think of this as a one way tool.

After each scrape, there will be a layer of gunk on your Gunkii. You should remove this by running your Gunkii under hot water in your sink. 

Repeat this process until you’ve scraped the entire surface of your tongue. When you start, it might take a few times for your tongue to run clean. After you've been using Gunkii for a while, one or two scrapes across the same area is usually enough.

Rinse the tongue scraper with warm water and dry, and store in a clean, dry area.

The entire process usually takes less than a minute. 


Are there any side effects or risks to consider?

One of the biggest concerns about tongue scraping is stimulating the gag reflex. This really is not a problem if you go at your own pace. 

If you want to keep from gaging, simply refrain from placing Gunkii too far back on your tongue. 

Although very rare, avoid temporarily hurting your taste buds by scrapping gently around them. If you are ever in doubt, start soft and gradually increase the pressure.