Gunkii Duo Pack - Set of 2 Matte Black Tongue Scrapers

Them | Theirs

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This is ideal for the twosomes in life. We made Gunkii to save relationships - one breath at a time.

Now that you’ve found the one you want to kiss goodnight, every night, make sure to keep them in your life. Also, sharing Gunkii is disgusting, not satisfying - don’t share!

Gunkii is crafted and assembled with strict attention to detail to last a lifetime. Gunkii is made from the finest medical grade stainless steel. It is dramatically more effective than rubbing your gunk around your tongue with your toothbrush. 

Here is what Gunkii can do for you:

  • Scrapes toxins, bacteria and dead cells, no more morning halitosis 
  • Prevents and eliminates bad breath so kissing is always an option
  • Enhances the taste of everything; date nights never tasted so good
  • Promotes oral and digestive health to keep the magic alive 
  • Increases awareness of your oral health; when you know better, you do better

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed